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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Econo-Poly material like?

These flags are a very lightweight flag that are constructed out of a single layer of a polyester blended flag material.  They are screen printed and sewn around the edges.  This is an economical flag, its mainly for the budget minded consumer that doesn't fly their flag on a vertical flagpole above 15' high.  These flags can be good for wall mounted flagpoles (the type that mount at a 45 degree angle on a side of your house), because they are nice and lightweight so a slight breeze is all they need to fly, also it is unusual for high winds to be an issue with the wall mounted flagpole kits.

What is the Nylon material like?

our Nylon brand we use a stronger Dupont Colorfast Nylon when we construct these flags as well as a much heavier thread than our competitors to help make sure these flags outlast our competition. This material is so durable that we currently have customers using Nylon Nylon flags on their 100' and 120' Flagpoles, the largest Nylon flag that we currently produce is a custom made 50x95' American Flag. The materials that we use to make our flags greatly surpasses our competition.

What is the Polyester material like?

These flags are constructed using a woven 2-Ply Polyester material which is heavier and more durable than any other material used to make flags. Since this material is heavier, it is suitable for areas that are more likely to see high winds like coastal areas and roof tops.

How do you ship out orders?

The majority of our orders ship out via USPS Priority Mail the same day you place your order (if placed before 3:00pm EST). If the item is large it may ship out UPS instead. Either way you will be notified with the shipping information when your items ships out. If you do not receive shipping information (via your email address) contact us and we will be able to supply that information to you.

How long should a flag last?

This is probably the most popular question that we get asked.

You need to consider the environment that the flag is in first and the elements that it encounters on a daily basis. A flags life expectancy can be different for each set of flags that you display mainly due to different weather conditions that the flag experiences. Typically, a properly sized nylon flag mounted on a vertical flagpole will last 7-8 months.

The main enemies of every flag are sun, wind, rain, and even neglect.

Sun - The sun has a major role in a flags life, probably the most significant because over time the sun actually dries out the flag material which causes the material to become brittle. Once this happens the wind causes the flag to tear because the material has been dried out so much.

Wind and Rain - The wind is an obvious factor in a flags life. Excessive amounts of wind will certainly reduce the life expectancy of a flag. The only way to reduce the effect of a windstorm on a flag would be to remove the flag before a front or other severe weather system approaches. When most cold or warm fronts approach an area, severe weather is associated with them and can be a detrimental to a flag.

Neglect - Believe it or not a large percentage of people that have a problem with premature flag failure have their flags improperly installed/mounted. The flag should not come in contact with anything at all while it is flying or laying flat on a pole. Trees, fences, walls, and even other flagpoles will only cause the flag to weaken and get snagged which will absolutely lead to a premature failure. Please make sure if there is a tree nearby that it is trimmed, if the flag is near a fence that it is above the fence in every possible way, and if it is near a building consider reducing the size of the flag to prevent the flag from hitting the wall and/or roof line.

Can a flag be washed?

Absolutely, in fact washing your flag can also help to extend the life of it. However, a flag should not be washed in a washing machine. If you would like to take your flag down and wash it we recommend hand washing it in warm water with a mild detergent, like something you would use with delicate fabrics. Then rinse it well and hang it up to dry. Do not put your flag in the dryer.

Do you ship to APO (Military) address's?

Yes we do. We ship to APO address's using USPS Priority mail. However, while we will ship your order promptly, it most likely won't take the average 2-3 day delivery time frame the USPS usually quotes for Priority Mail.

I ordered the wrong flag (size or type), can I return it?

Yes, you will be able to return the flag without a problem. However, because the error was not made by us we do charge a 10% restocking fee and the shipping costs that we incurred to ship the flag to you would not be able to be refunded. In addition, you would be responsible for the cost of the return shipping to us.

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