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Flag Materials 101

Econo-Poly Brand

These flags are a very lightweight flag that are constructed out of a single layer of a polyester blended flag material.  They are screen printed and sewn around the edges.  This is an economical flag, its mainly for the budget minded consumer that doesn't need a higher quality flag, like our Nylon flags.  These flags can be good for wall mounted flagpoles (the type that mount at a 45 degree angle on a side of your house), because they are nice and lightweight so a slight breeze is all they need to fly, also it is unusual for high winds to be an issue with the wall mounted flagpole kits.

Cotton Flags

In some of our American and historical flags we offer a cotton flag material as an option. Our cotton material is made from 100% cotton bunting, has rich and vibrant colors and provides a traditional texture and appearance. However, if you plan to fly your historical flag outdoors we recommend using our Nylon material. Cotton is great for the look of an older flag, but won't last as long as a Nylon or 2-Ply Polyester Flag will outdoors.

Nylon Brand

(Recommended for those that leave their flag up 24 hours a day)

Our Nylon American Flags feature Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes, with our Nylon brand we use a stronger Dupont Colorfast Nylon when we construct these flags as well as a much heavier thread than our competitors to help make sure these flags outlast our competition.  This material is so durable that we currently have customers using our Nylon flags on their 100' and 120' Flagpoles, the largest Nylon flag that we currently produce is a custom made 50x95' American Flag.  The materials that we use to make our flags greatly surpasses our competition. 

Some of our Nylon Flags are available with a Pole Sleeve and Fringe instead of the standard canvas header with grommets. This style is mainly used in parade of indoor flagpole mountings.


Polyester Brand (2-Ply Polyester)

These flags are constructed using a woven 2-Ply Polyester material which is heavier and more durable than any other material used to make flags.  Our Polyester American Flags are fully sewn (Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes) and made with an extra strength thread to help withstand higher winds.  Since this material is heavier it is suitable for areas that are more likely to see high winds like coastal areas and roof tops.     

*On all of our Nylon & Polyester American 12ftx18ft and larger flags, the stars are Appliquéd in order to extend the life of the material under the conditions that flags of these sizes endure.


Here are some scenarios to help classify which flag may be best for you: 

  • If you are a student and want to spice up a report that your are going to be presenting, our recommendation would be an Econo-Poly flag.  Mainly because it's inexpensive and lightweight.

  • If your a homeowner that has a wall mounted flagpole that hangs at a 45 degree angle off the house.  We would recommend our Nylon Flags due to their material they will last a long time.  In this case you could also use our Econo-Poly Flags since since the wind doesn't really affect most flagpoles mounted like this.  We would not recommend our Polyester Flags for a mounted position like this, because they would be overkill in a situation like this and due to their extra weight they really wouldn't sway much in the slight breeze that flagpoles mounted in this manner would incur. 

  • If your a home owner or business owner with a flagpole in front of your home or business ranging from 15' to 150' (and higher) we would recommend our Nylon Flags.  With this situation you could also step up the Polyester Flags if you wanted to have a flag capable of withstanding higher than normal wind-loads.

  • If you are in an area that experiences a constant or unusually high wind gust (like a coastal area) you would benefit from using the Polyester Flags

Hopefully, this has helped you to decide which type of flag is best for your application, if not please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to listen to your individual situation and get you the best flag(s) for your needs.  And of course, if you have any questions at all, please contact us

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